Lecture cycle – May-July 2020

Dear friends,

an English language session for the seven webinars on Self Knowledge took place from 23 May 2020 to 4 July 2020.

All the lectures can be seen on our youtube channel.

Seminar dates

Dates and time follow, to enable attendance from America and Australia:

Saturday May 23rd – Introduction – see RECORDING HERE –

Saturday May 30th The Sleep of Consciousness – – see RECORDING HERE –

Saturday June 6th – Self Remembering – see RECORDING HERE –

Saturday June 13rd – Reality and Deception – see RECORDING HERE

Sat. June 20th – What does it mean to wake up?see RECORDING HERE

Saturday June 27th – Obstacles along the waysee RECORDING HERE

Saturday July 4th – Where do we go from here? – see RECORDING HERE

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